Fill in some textBatting first, New Zealand team scored 155 runs.  in 20 overs for the loss of 5 wickets. New Zealand set a target of 155 runs for India!

India women's team scored 137 runs for the loss of 8 wickets! By the way, this goal was not too big for the India team to say.

But still India team women had to face defeat against New Zealand due to some mistakes and both the team are very strong.

But still the India women's team has tried to fulfill the target given by New Zealand with all its life!

On the other hand, the New Zealand team also continued to perform well in their game! Fielding and bowling of this team is very good! That's why they won! 

Friends, the batsmen of the New Zealand women's team will also have to be praised, he also did very well batting in comparison to the Indian team

To say the same, the philosophy of the Indian team in today's India vs New Zealand match is not so bad either! This team too had put in all their guts

So friends, let's see what is the competition between Indian team vs New Zealand in the next match and who will win this match...

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