Friends, as you know, in recent times, a new South film Dj Tillu movie has been released! Which is made by debutant Vimal Krishna!

The name of the hero working in this film is Sidhu and the name of the heroine is Neha Shetty. Friends, the story of this film is quite interesting! DJ Tillu is 124 mins long.

DJ Tillu movie will be released in Telugu language! This movie is going to be a romantic comedy movie! In which the audience is going to have a lot of fun!

In DJ Tillu you will get to see a lot of comedy along with action! This entire movie is made on friends dj tillu who is a character in this movie....

One of the main reasons for this film to become famous among the people is that the title song of this film is "dj tillu", this sound will be heard throughout the film. 

Friends, people are watching this film by comparing it with Allu Arjun's film "Pushpa" and comparing Sidhu with Allu Arjun.

By the way, friends actor Sidhu is not such a famous actor among people. But since his film DJ tillu has been released, it has covered the whole of India. 

Now let's talk about this film's heroine Neha Shetty. If reports are to be believed then they have to work hard to make many scenes. 

You can search online to watch "Dj Tillu movie" or you can watch this movie by visiting online platform.